Social Media Marketing

We help you grow and retain your client base to increase sales, form a community, and increase awareness of your product, service, or event.

We can provide guidance or we can do a complete take over of your social media accounts, and create quality followers, and a social media calender's that fits your goals and objectives, with a highly targeted audience that is relevant for your product or brand.

To succeed in social media, you must have an active and engaged community of followers. We create this community with relavant content that features you and your community, and they naturally begin to visit your online properties and then engage with your brand

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a very effective method of driving relevant customers to your website. Inbound marketing differs from traditional outbound marketing in that it uses free high quality, content to pull customers toward your company and product.

When we produce content for tou that is highly relevant and usable by your marketplace, you naturally attract inbound traffic that you can convert to sales, build your community, and create the right "BUZZ" around your brand. It's powerful stuff!

Trade Show and Event Services

Maximize attendance, exhibitors and press attention at your trade show or event. We help you market to your key demographic to drive sales and grow excitement around your event. We can create a email blasts, social media campaigns and video content to drive awareness.

In addition, we provide high quality and relevant video presentations, live streaming, and social media coverage and traditional PR services for your event.

Launching a new product or service, let us create an experience that opens up a space in the marketplace for your new product to be seen and heard by your target community.


Social Media Dashboards

When we have created your Social Media Strategic Plan, you’ll need to know what’s working and where the gaps are. With so much data available, how do you know what is a signal and what is just noise? IDM uses a series of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Highly actionable and easy to understand data points that quickly reveal the performance of our social media marketing efforts.

Amplification is one of the indicators we look at, this means we graph the number of retweets, or shares, this is your community seeing value in what content you are broadcasting.



High Quality Video Production

Set yourself apart with high quality, shareable promotional videos for your drone business.  Apps, events,  accessories, batteries, trade shows, and training are just a few types of videos we have made.

We create animations as well, and can fit into your budget and work with you and your team to create magic.

Given the fact that you have roughly 9 seconds to make an impact with your customers ( the given attention span of most online users ) our videos are quick and to the point and we do this by being engaging.

Drone business consulting

Would you like to have your drone, or drone product sold in a retail location like Best Buy, Target etc ? Allow our proven team of experts ( people who actually have taken drones from obscure Hobby Shops ) to big box retailers, guide you in your quest to be sold alongside other well known consumables.

Trade Show Advertising

Commercial for Interdrone
Directed by David Oneal


Videos to drive traffic

Trade Show Promo
Directed by David Oneal


Trade Show Marketing

Interdrone trade show floor coverage
Directed by David Oneal


Keynote Opening videos

Promotional Trade Show Opener
Used to open a major event


Animated Advertisments

Andevcon white board from David Oneal on Vimeo.

We create Advertisements for trades shows
Directed by David Oneal


Drone Racing events

Drone Racing events
Directed by David Oneal


Trade Show Announcments

International Drone Expo
Directed by David Oneal

Drone Film Festivals

Drone Film Festival Event
Directed by David Oneal

Promotional Video Work


Film Festival Opening Video
Directed by David Oneal

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Sarah and David Oneal, Hosts of That Drone Show and founders of International Drone Day, created International Drone Marketing in response to requests from drone professionals to help them grow their businesses in this rapidly expanding market.

International Drone Marketing is comprised of social media marketing professionals and video production specialists, all of whom are passionate about drones!

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The Drone Invasion Film

The Drone Invasion is a groundbreaking documentary that explores commonly held beliefs about drones. Through entertaining and educational interviews with experts and enthusiasts, the documentary asks whether drones are good.

The premier of The Drone Invasion is Friday May 6 2016. Contact us now to discuss how your company can be part of sponsoring the release.

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International Drone Day

International Drone Day sees thousands of people worldwide gather to celebrate and educate about the many good things drones are used for.
Each year this event attracts a world wide audience of over 150 teams around the globe. Over 40,000 people participated in the first event, and in 2016, we are expecting more. The second International Drone Day takes place Saturday May 7 2016.

Contact us now to discuss how your company can be part of sponsoring the drone world's biggest annual event.

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